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Top 10 Public Minecraft Servers - February 2012


#1 - Super Earth

Application Required? Yes

From the Super Earth site:

Super-Earth is a growing Minecraft community which runs on a in-game economy and town system where you can build your own Nation and become the king of it! It is one the largest and longest running Minecraft SMP servers ever!

The server has over 50 plugins installed for a better user experience and is far from vanilla but stays with the sense that you take from Super-Earth what you give back to it. Our server hardware and connection can not be beat.
To connect to Super Earth post your application our whitelist application topic by visiting this link
   - One of a kind classes system
   - Town role play system
   - Over 250 different towns
   - Over 5,000 Town residents
   - Grief free gaming experience
   - Worldguard blocks buckets, fire, tnt, and creeper explosion damage
   - Updated 3D world map, player statistics, dedicated game server and website, and dedicated development and staff teams
   - Craftbukkit Mod (50+ plugins installed)
   - Towny, iConomy, ChestShops, WorldGuard, Falsebook, VIP privileges and more..
   - 500 slot whitelist protected game server
   - 100 slot private Ventrilo server
   - Dual Quad Core X5675 Processors // 48GB DDR3 RAM // Solid State Drive // 1gbit dedicated uplink


Link: US super-earth.net



#2 - IM Deity Kingdoms

US mc.imdeity.com


Application Required? Yes.


ImDeity Kingdoms is a 500-player, dedicated survival multiplayer server featuring a brand new, exclusiveClass / Rank / Skills system, a thriving economy, custom-designed Questing system as well as a town and nation system with some towns with over 100+ residents!

Posted Image 

Joining is easy and takes just a minute! Simply goto ImDeity.com and click the "Join Kingdoms" link to get whitelisted! 
Posted Image 
IP Address: mc.imdeity.com 
Voice Server (TeamSpeak): ts.imdeity.com:9987 
Live Maphttp://imdeity.com/map/ 

We Look forward to seeing you at ImDeity Kingdoms!


The Deity Kingdoms Beta server can be joined simply by typing “mc.imdeity.com” into the multiplayer field of the Beta Client.


You will need the paid version of the Minecraft game to play on ImDeity.

We highly recommend that all players browse through some of the help guides available here as many questions you may have or problems you encounter will likely already be answered here.

We look forward to seeing you in game! Enjoy!


#3 - Justice Craft

JusticeCraft | PVP | Factions | Hardcore
US mc.justicecraft.net


JusticeCraft is a Minecraft gaming community that brings you a one-of-a-kind PVP experience. Boasting 32 gigabytes of RAM, a dedicated 1-gigabit connection, and a hex-core 3.3 GHz processor, our servers will not disappoint.
JusticeCraft features a dynamic economy, Factions, mcMMO and a plethora of custom plugins. Whether you want to be a shady criminal or a common miner, you’ll find that your time at JusticeCraft is well spent!



#4 - Savage Realms

Savage Realms - Dungeons/Bosses/Classes
US play.savagerealms.net


Towny --- Dungeons --- Classes --- Multiple Worlds --- PVP --- LAG FREE --- Anti Cheat --- Events/Tournaments 

How to Join: 

- Connect Minecraft to play.savagerealms.net 

- Browse around and take a look at things as a Guest. Then feel free to make post an application to be a Member on our minecraft forum thread. You can find a quick link at www.savagerealms.net and click get whitelisted. 

- After your application is posted let a Helper/Mod/Admin know in game, they will take a look at it and get you promoted to Member status! 


*************** You can Vote here every day for in game money and diamonds *************** 

DUNGEONS - That's right dungeons! We have created several dungeons both PvP and non PvP for everybody! Do a puzzle, slash your way through monsters, complete trick jumps, or get a party to hack and slash your way to the loot chests at the end! 
CLANS - Join a clan or start your own to take part in the ongoing clan warfare of our server or just build a base and go complete dungeons together! 
LAG FREE - Proud to say we our without a doubt one of the lowest lag servers out there! Just ask our members. Everybody who joins is astonished at how our server runs nearly like single player compared to the lagfest which most other servers are. 
ANTI CHEAT - We have one of the best anti cheat systems in place. We have applied tricks to fight hackers on our server not seen elsewhere. Also, with our professional admins if anybody does manage to hack, they are quickly caught and banned. Once again, ask our members. 
EVENTS/TOURNAMENTS- We frequently have PvP tournaments and both PvP, PvE, and other events. The server has a blast, and the admins love to set new stuff up. 



#5 - Savage Realms

DuncsWeb Survival Public 1.1 Server
GB mc.duncsweb.com


About the server:

Welcome to the DuncsWeb Community 

We're looking for dedicated Minecrafters to come and join our community to build some amazing things whilst being able to survive in the wilderness! 

We have: 
- 24/7 Gameplay (You'll EXTREMELY rarely see the Player Count at 0) 
- 24/7 Forums 
- 24/7 Chat Room 
- 24/7 512 Slot TeamSpeak 
- Help Pages 
- Live Stream showcasing work and answering questions 
- Constant Updates and New Features 
- Competitions 
- Friendly and helpful Staff 
- Friendly and helpful Players 
- Creative Server for Sponsors 
Our server is a 24/7 No-Whitelist Dedicated Server, has minimal lag (If a Serv says they have no lag ever, its a lie), saves state every 20 minutes, has backups every 30 minutes and automatic restarts to flush memory every 24 hours. 
We have been around since February 24th 2011 and are very clued up on the workings of Minecraft and its players. 
Here are some features you'll love on our Server: 
Towny: Join a town or be a lone ranger in the Wilderness. Wilderness = PvP, Griefing & Mobs 
iConomy: type /money for your balance (we use gigs and megs) 
MoneyDrop: **** mobs to earn money 
McMMO: Get bonus skills as you play 
Lottery: Try your chances with our hourly lottery 
ColoredSigns: Make your signs more attractive with &codes 
WeatherRestrictions: Hate how rain lags your computer? We try and keep the rain to a minimum. 
FalseBook: Make Gates, Doors & Lifts 
LWC: Lock those chests (Find a locked chest in the wilderness and staff will unlock for 500 gigs per block) 
ChestShop: Create shop plots inside a town to flog your items 
We are strict on the rules and run various protections including Spam, Fly, Xray, Caps, Swearing, Dupes, Town-Griefing, Speedhacking, Client Hacks & Previous Bans. Our staff monitor players when we believe a rule is being broken and mostly operate on a 3 strike (warn, kick, ban) rule depending on the severity of the rulebreaks. Our staff is of a mature age, and will not hesitate to remove someone from the game if they are breaking rules or interrupting gameplay for others. 
We offer donation tiers (Donator, Sponsor and Boss) with rewards for each (including fly, changing night and day, and heal). 

Our in-game chat has various ranks (Default, Trusted, Mayors, Kings), and gives colours to names. We give trusted status to players that play well and regularly. 

Our IRC Bot helps out with common links, and "MrTips" will give handy hints as the game is played. 
Our strongest asset is our friendly community. If you're looking for a legit server to play Minecraft, LOOK NO FURTHER! 


US super-earth.net
112/500 99.06% 01/10/2011 12,569 23,725
2 ImDeity
US mc.imdeity.com
79/500 99.58% 03/07/2011 11,271 21,268
3 JusticeCraft | PVP | Factions | Hardcore
US mc.justicecraft.net
67/250 96.48% 09/02/2011 11,308 21,262
4 Savage Realms - Dungeons/Bosses/Classes
US play.savagerealms.net
95/300 98.32% 08/01/2011 10,712 20,158
5 DuncsWeb Survival Public 1.1 Server
GB mc.duncsweb.com
58/1,337 98.10% 04/17/2011 9,402 17,746
6 Buxville
NL buxville.net
47/500 97.90% 01/09/2011 8,601 16,283
7 LegendaryCraft
US mc-lc.com
226/450 95.33% 07/31/2011 8,296 15,627
8 NyanCraft
DE mc.nyancraft.com
60/200 99.88% 06/03/2011 6,571 12,420
9 Herocraft
US Herocraft.zapto.org
147/199 98.75% 01/31/2011 5,691 10,820
10 Super Fun Time [superfuntime.org]
RO mc.superfuntime.org
2/100 99.29% 05/22/2011 5,318 10,075


This List comes via MineStatus.net


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