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Amidst - strongholds, village, biome, ect. Finder (Updated 08 July 12)


Amidst - strongholds, village, biome, ect. Finder. Find strongholds, villages, and biomes on your map!

Updated - 25 JuLY 2013

Downloads & Versions

Version 2.1 ---- Works with 1.8.1, all 1.9-pre, 1.0, 1.1, 12w03a - 12w08a, 1.2.4-1.2.5, 12w19a - 12w27a, 1.3-pre, 1.3.1, 1.3.2, 1.4.2, 1.4.5, 1.4.6, 1.4.7, 1.5.0, 1.5.1, 1.5.2. 
Ad free  |  Adf.ly ) Windows [Exe]
Ad free  |  Adf.ly ) Mac OS X [App]
Ad free  |  Adf.ly ) Linux [Jar]
Ad free  |  Adf.ly ) Windows with AV issues. [7z]

*These links are straight from the forum thread (i havent modified them!), although i couldnt get this one to open my save file. Just stays blank... Might just be me.

2.0.35 Changes:
- Added support for 12w26a & 12w27a.
- I have not tested this update very much, so PLEASE report all bugs!



AMIDST Project Formerly Minecraft Stronghold Finder
Advanced Minecraft Interface and Data/Structure Tracking

If you are getting the "unable to access" error, odds are that you did not properly spell amidst.jar. Keep in mind that Macs ARE case-sensitive. If the jar was on your desktop, the command would look like:

cd ~/Desktop
-noverify -jar AMIDST.jar

Amidst is designed to help enhance the process of finding structures, biomes, and players in minecraft.
By accessing your minecraft files, it's able to draw the biomes of the world out and show where points of interest are likely to be.

What AMIDST can do.
- Find Strongholds
- Find Villages
- Map Biomes
- Move Players
- Save an image of the map
- Dynamically load data based on the current verison of minecraft you have installed

What AMIDST can't do.
- Show things you've built
- Give you a height map
- Judge you

I actually read every single post in this topic, every message sent to me, and every youtube comment made. However, if you would like another way to contact me, here's an email address: amidst.project@gmail.com (Don't worry, I'll read every email too)

Minecraft Stronghold & Village Finder Biome maps and nether structures too!
All suggestions on improvements are GREATLY appreciated. 
As I'm sure most of you are aware by now, Strongholds are pretty difficult to find, so I've made this neat lil' utility to help out! I'm not much for descriptions, so hopefully you'll figure this all out!

Announcements Occasionally I have things to say.
-2.0 will be out pretty soon! :D

F.A.Q. I get asked the same thing a lot!
Q:Norton virus scanner says this isn't safe!
A: As it turns out, if not enough people review your application and give positive feedback, Norton assumes it's bad. If you don't believe me, here's some proof: This and this.

Q:What does "INVALID" "BIOME" mean?
A:When the stronghold spawning happens it picks three spots at random (kinda) and if there's no valid biome in the area, the stronghold just won't spawn. Basically, you're screwed.

Q:How do I open a .jar file?!
A:Simple, right click and open it with Java! (If you still can't figure it out, use google)

Q:This is SO not accurate, Skidoodle! What gives?!
A:Well first of all, I don't know anyone who still says "What gives?", but all of that aside, you're probably just using the wrong version. Stronghold finder v4.2 or lower is for Minecraft version 1.8.1. While v5.0 and up is for 1.9-pre!

Q:I'm having X problem, but I don't know how to fix it!
A:Great, just post your problem, (provide your seed) and I'll get on it as fast as possible!

Q:I'm not sure if I trust running a random application!
A:Smart, feel free to scan all these files with whatever software you have. It's all safe :)

Q:How do I work this?
A:Watch one of the video tutorials provided!

Q:Any advice?
A:Using a transparent texture pack is still advised. A nice one can be found here

Video Tutorials This should help a bit!

Downloads & Versions No point in reading this if you don't download it!

Version 1.4.1  
Download EXE or JAR
The EXE version now works!

-Updated for 1.9-pre4!
-Fixed a bug where it sometimes wouldn't work.

Older Versions:
Version 0.4.2  
Download ad free (JAR) (EXE)
Download through adf.ly (JAR) (EXE)

Q: I'm having a problem with x feature!
A: Please post about it! I do not have the time of resources to test this application that much, so anything you find helps!

Q: Your program corrupted my save! What do I do?
A: As far as I know, there's no way for me to mess up a save, however, every time AMIDST writes over a file, it creates a backup. The backup is in the same folder, and has a ".moth" extension.

Q: Why isn't there more information about this application?
A: I spent quite some time writing the program, however, making long topics is not a strong point of mine. If you have something you'd like to me to add to this post, please say so.

Q: Norton thinks this is a VIRUS!
A: It isn't, it's a false positive. If you need proof, here and here.

Video Tutorials

Downloads & Versions

Version 2.0.19  
Download for Windows 

For non-windows users here is the JAR version: link

To run it you'll need to open terminal and do:

java -noverify -jar AMIDST.jar

I'll keep working on a better way to bundle it.

- Updated to work with 12w04a!
This is NOT a major update, 2.1 is still being worked on separately!

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Amidst - strongholds, village, biome, ect. ..

Amidst - strongholds, village, biome, ect. Finder. Find strongholds, villages, and biomes on your map! Updated - 25 JuLY 2013 Downloads & VersionsVersion 2.1 ---- Works with 1.8.1, all 1.9-..

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